Title Cruise-a-home 31
31-Footer on water


The "CRUISE-A-HOME 31" hull design is the result of research and long practical experience. It was developed from the hull so well proven in Northwest and Alaskan waters by its big-sister, the CRUISE-A-HOME 40. The hull has a deep-V entry with full length longitudinal strakes and reverse chines plus deep-V keel. These features provide easy entry and riding characteristics with safer, more comfortable operation. All exposed surfaces of the "CRUISE-A-HOME 31" are extra-heavy molded fiberglass to weather open moorage and provide longer, carefree upkeep. Cabin is convenient one level, low profile for minimal windage and easier, safer handling.


The spacious cabin provides complete comforts comparable to a shoreside apartment. With over 20 feet in length and almost 10 feet in width the phrase "Cabin Fever" is forgotten. The "CRUISE-A-HOME 31" is superbly decorated with full carpeting and durable vinyl
wall laminated paneling throughout. Full vision is enjoyed through large safety glass windows from the master stateroom aft or from the galley and pilot area forward. It is a woman's delight to prepare and serve meals from the large combination galley and lounge area.


For your family's protection, "CRUISE-A-HOME 31" is built with five full width bulkheads, resulting in six water- tight compartments, with bilge pumps to provide the safest cruising afloat. Construction design and manufacturing is under the personal supervision of well-known veteran boat builder and naval architect, Ed Reinell, whose name is well known as the oldest boat brand on the Pacific Coast.

All bulkheads, stringers and reinforcing members are secured to the hull and deck by hand lay-up fiberglass bonding resulting in an extremely strong durable cruising home. CRUISE-A-HOME 31 is a cruiser hull "houseboat" designed and manufactured in the Northwest for all cruising conditions.

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