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Cruise-A-Home, Inc. was founded by Warren Jensen, his wife, Maxine, and son, Gordon. After much consultation with boating friends, a design to provide single level accommodations for galley, entertaining and sleeping areas was developed. During 1967 and 1968 Warren made the original drawings of the profile and interior plan for the boat using the hull design provided by Roy Kobyashi which had orignially been designed for Westport charter fishing boats.

The original hull was extended from 37 feet to 40 feet, the flared bow and hooked chines added and the cabin and bridge was designed and tooled.

Mr. Ed Reinell (Reinell Boat Company, Marysville, WA) joined the company as Vice President-Manufacturing and was instrumental in establishing the production facility in Everett, WA. which produced approximately 500 boats.

Cruise-A-Home boats were primarily marketed in South East Alaska, British Columbia and the West Coast of the United States. A few found their way to the Mid-West and East Coast. In the early 70's one was shipped to Guam and another to the Grand Caymans. Over the years they have appeared in many other places, for example a 31 was found serving in the dive business in Mexico. The cabin had been removed from the hull and was used as the dive shop ashore while the hull served as the dive platform at sea.

The 40 ft model, dubbed the "Corsair" had a 28 foot cabin with walk around deck. The 31 ft model, dubbed the "Crusader" had a full width cabin with no walk around deck. There was also a later variant of the 31 which had a narrower cabin and walk around deck same as the 40 Corsair; this model was the "Caprice".

As well there were around 24 Corsairs built with the "Cuddy" cabin with approximately six of these

Warren Jensen, founder

Warren Jensen, founder of Cruise-a-Home
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having the wide-body cabin, giving up some of the walk-around comfort for an additional 10" in interior width. The year 1977 also brought the redesign of the Corsair flybridge in time for the boat show in Seattle providing a more streamline and yacht style appearance as well as more deck space. The six inch raise band at the shear line of the 40' hull was done early on after one boat was modified to accommodate larger Ford-Lehman diesel engines for a customer in Portland, OR.

The initial introduction of Cruise-A-Home boats was at the 1968 Seattle Boat Show with a 37 foot model when the economy in the area was slipping. The opening day of the show was a Saturday that signs around town were popping up saying: "The last one out of town - turn off the lights!" What a time to start a new business!

After the show the boat was moved to Puget Sound Marina on Lake Union for completion and commissioning. On the same weekend that Boeing flew the 747 February 9, 1969 for the first time, the CAH-37 made it's first voyage under it's own power on Lake Union.

Description of the Cruise-A-Home 40 and Cruise-A-Home 31

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40-foot Corsair

Original 40-foot Corsair

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40-foot layout